Instructional Videos
How to use Horus Reticles in thirteen simple step-by-step chapters.
  How-To Videos
How to zero your weapon, and use Horus reticles, ballistic software, accessories and more.

Instructional Videos

Featuring Mike Lamb, former Force Recon Marine and expert Horus instructor.

Chapter 1: Introduction — From Conventional Reticles to Horus Reticles

Introduction — From Conventional Reticles to Horus Reticles

Horus reticles, with multiple precise hold points, are revolutionizing long-range shooting.
Zeroing Your Rifle with a Horus Reticle

Horus reticles make zeroing much easier and faster, with fewer manual adjustments to your scope ("counting clicks").
Second Shot Correction

Make instant, accurate second-shot corrections using only the Horus reticle. No need for manual adjustments to your scope.
The Horus H58 Reticle

Popular with hunters and military marksmen. Horus Range Bars enable quick estimate of range to a target of known height.
The Horus H59 Reticle

Our best-selling reticle, the H59 is fine-tuned for thousand-yard shots and beyond.
The Horus H25 Reticle

Multi-purpose reticle; good in low light. MOA Range Finder enables rapid estimate of distance to a target of known size.
The Horus H130 Reticle

Designed with the hunter in mind. Inner ghost ring for quick aiming up to 300 yards.
The Horus H102 Reticle

User-friendly reticle for novices and experts alike. Two rings enable rapid focusing on target.
The Horus J2 Reticle

Easy to use, the J2 enables shots up to a thousand yards without adjusting the scope.
Estimating Range with the Horus Reticle

Exclusive Horus grid (targeting pattern) enables quick estimate of range to target of known size.
Explaining Ballistic Software

Horus ATrag Ballistic Software instantly finds shooting solutions for specific gun, ammo, and conditions.
Using Horus with Kestrel

Kestrel Ballistics Weather Tracker feeds atmospheric conditions into built-in Horus ATrag Ballistic Software.
Who Offers Horus Reticles

Horus reticles are available in many brands of scopes.

How-To Videos

Let the experts show you how to zero your rifle, improve your aim, and shoot further with Horus reticles, ballistics software and accessories.

What Happened to My Zero?

What Happened to My Zero?
Riflescope Zero Troubleshooting Tips. If you're wondering why your gun won't maintain that perfect zero, this video may provide some answers to that question.
Horus Vision Evolution Part 1
Watch step-by-step instructions at the range for zeroing a rifle scope.
The Horus Reticle
Learn about Horus' unique reticle features from company president, Dennis Sammut: development background, demonstration, and second shot correction.
Ballistic vs. Horus
Learn about the advantages of Horus reticles when compared to standard ballistic reticles. Horus reticles offer a simple, speedy alternative with no limitations on ammo, altitude, and density change.
Second Shot Correction for Marksmen and Spotters
Learn how to make lightning-fast corrections for bulls-eye hits using Horus reticle's unique Second Shot Correction feature.
Understanding Horus Reticles and Software
Learn what master shooters have to say about using Horus reticles and ATrag ballistics software.
Horus: An Undeniable Advantage
Introduction to the unique features of Horus reticles.


ATrag™ Ballistics Software

Horus Vision ATrag Ballistic Software Part 1
Take a guided tour of ATrag's basic functions and screens, and learn how you can place more accurate windage and elevation holds.
Horus Vision ATrag Ballistic Software Part 2
See advanced ATrag techniques for accurate extreme-range shooting at 1000+ yards, featuring detailed instructions on truing drop, drop coefficient table, coriolis, spin drift and more.

Tremor3 Reticle: Advanced Aiming Guides
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Horus reticles are available from most major scope manufacturers.

Visit our licensing webpage to learn more about carrying Horus reticles in your line of scopes.

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