Horus Reticles

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Optimized for the Competitive Shooter

The Tremor5™ Reticle is the latest member of the Tremor family. For a simplified reticle we removed the Rapid Ranging bars and Moving Target Holds.

Mil radian calibration


Based on the Tremor2 reticle, we've added HORUS Rapid Range Bars above the main horizontal stadia, more holdover dots for an expanded uncluttered grid, and extra Speed-Shooting Guides along the 1-mil horizontal stadia.

Mil radian calibration


The Tremor2™ reticle is all about faster shooting. It's field-proven to make wind calls easier.

Mil radian calibration

Tremor4 Spotting

The Tremor4™ reticle combines a square HORUS Grid with patented Wind Dots and refined milling "chevrons" found in the Tremor family of reticles.

Mil radian calibration


The H59™ reticle is a "field-tuned" version of our H58 reticle. We widened the horizontal grid by one mil for increased wind holdover. And the center cross has been turned into a "broken cross" so groupings are less obscured and more easily seen.

Mil radian calibration


Based on the ground breaking H59 MRAD, you can now get this legendary reticle graduated in Minutes of Angle. With an MOA graduated HORUS Grid, you can range targets, hold for elevation and wind, and have fast and accurate 2nd Shot Corrections. With our patented Rapid Range Bars target milling has never been easier.


The H58™ reticle features patented HORUS Rapid Range Bars, Moving Target Holds along the main horizontal crosshair, and holdover dots to extend wind and elevation hold points beyond the HORUS Grid while maintaining a clear uncluttered view.

Mil radian calibration

H322 Spotting

The H322™ reticle features a square HORUS Grid and HORUS Rapid Range Bars. Designed for use with the H59 and H58 riflescope reticles.

Mil radian calibration


Featuring the same one Minute of Angle grid as the H59 MOA, this Spotting Scope reticle is built to give quick and accurate corrections to the shooter without cluttering the field of view.

Mil radian calibration